What Does a Good Technology Plan Look Like?
by Jim Boomer, CPA, CITP, MBA and Michael Wherry, CPA, LSS Black Belt


boomer-social-media-2016-1283.pngIn today’s ever-changing world, technology has become both an accelerator and a disruptor for CPA firms. Many predict that within 10 years, compliance work will be almost 100% automated with limited necessity for human intervention. It is critical that CPA firms have a solid technology plan in
order to adapt to these changes. So what does that plan look like?

Great question; however, the answer is not simple and your plan should not be the same as your competitors’. Your technology plan should be fully integrated with your people, processes and clients.


Firm technology should have three fundamental consistencies:

  • IT has a seat at the Management Table
  • Technology as a Strategic Asset
  • Firm Technology and Strategic Plan are fully integrated

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